Cooking Once a Week

cooking multiple meals at the same time

A typical Sunday in our kitchen

I’ve found the best way to ensure you eat healthy and have vegan food convenient is to plan meals and cook only once a week (usually). It’s a bit of effort, however it pays off and makes food choices easy during the week, rather than coming home from work exhausted and not wanting to cook anything. This way I also normally don’t eat much processed food as well AND it saves money, because you only buy what you need and don’t end up with a fridge full of rotten veggies.

Doing the grocery shopping on Saturday and getting the veggies prepped, then cooking on Sunday seems to work best for me (I work Monday to Friday). Weekends get busy too but I usually make this a priority. I think your health should come first!

The image above is from last Sunday. There is usually something going in my slow cooker, something in the oven, and usually most of the elements on the stove top have something going as well. This photo is after some cleaning – it usually looks even crazier than this.

This week is going to be mostly easy stuff because of being away from home on the weekend. There are good vegan convenience foods out there. You have to be flexible sometimes and the reality is I can’t ALWAYS cook. For this week we are having things like: Yves meatless “chicken” burgers, Tofurky pepperoni pizza (with veggies from our fridge cut up and thrown on top), salads, stir fry with brown rice or quinoa (frozen Asian veggies and canned chickpeas are so handy to throw in the stir fry), canned lentil soup, brown rice pasta with vegetarian¬†bolognese sauce, cut up sweet potatoes – onions – peppers – and olive oil and spices roasted in the oven, and veggie soup which I added veggie broth to and cooked quinoa in it to make it a heartier soup.

I’ll be cooking this weekend, so I will make a post after the Sunday “cook-a-thon” (as I call them) and have pictures and recipes to share, showing what I will be eating the following week!


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