I have become fully vegan in November 2011, after slowly changing my eating habits over several months. There is so much I have learned in the process and I hope to educate others. Becoming vegan has actually not been that difficult for me personally, because for a long time now I have known the importance of reading ingredients and being careful about what I put in my body, which meant making meal plans each week and doing a lot of cooking myself. Now I just choose different recipes!

The world today has become all about a fast pace and convenience foods, and people do not realize what they do to their bodies every day and the problems they contribute to through their daily food choices. I decided I can no longer contribute to the suffering and abuse of animals through my food choices. I also want to have a good quality of life and avoid preventable diseases like cancer and heart disease. I hope through my blog I can show the readers what I do on a regular basis to stay healthy and maintain a vegan diet, and how great it can be!

I live in Canada with my (also vegan) husband and our two fur babies. They are very curious and like to see what’s up in the kitchen, as shown below…

kitty 1 - Myla


kitty 2 - Loki



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