All Natural Blueberry Iced Tea

Here is a creation of my own! I’ve had blueberry iced tea before, however after a little iced tea research online, I came up with this concoction. If you enjoy herbal tea, I think you’ll like this recipe. My fiance mentioned how he has a tendency to hit up the pop machine at work, so we wanted to try something as a healthy, natural alternative to sugar-and-chemical filled soda.

This is so easy to make and takes so little time and effort. The flavor options are endless really – let me know if you come up with some funky creations of your own! 🙂


  • About 3 packets of herbal tea, flavor of your choice – in this case blueberry.
  • 1-2 packets of a plain black tea you enjoy
  • stevia (or agave should work nicely too)
  • ice cubes – I used two ice cube trays full


Get your tea packets out. Don’t forget the lonely black tea packet.

blueberry herbal tea

And stevia.

stevia and tea

Boil a pot of water. Get a jug and fill it with ice while waiting on the water to boil. Such complex instructions, I know…

Once the water boils, add your tea bags and turn off the heat. You can vary the amount of tea used according to how much water you boil and how strong you want the flavor. You want the tea to be strong because you will be adding it to the ice, which will dilute the flavor. In the photo below I only used two blueberry tea bags, however the next time I made it I used 3 and liked it better.

tea added to boiling water

Let the tea steep for about 4 minutes, then remove the tea bags. Add the stevia or sweetener of your choice – start with a little and you can taste it and add more after if needed.

Once you have your sweetened hot tea, it’s time to shock this bad-ass tea in some icy cold ice!! This method apparently does something good with the flavor, according to my research.

jug of ice

This shows the amount of ice used.

Be careful not to burn yourself while pouring…

shocking the tea in ice

Now stir, taste, add more sweetness if needed and repeat until you get the flavor you like. Chill it in the fridge. A great summer beverage you don’t have to feel guilty drinking 🙂