Meatville, USA

I just survived a weekend in a small hick town in the USA. My fiance and I went for a weekend of skiing, and it was only a couple of hours away from home. Because of the many restrictions there are on bringing food across the boarder, we decided that we would just go to the grocery store when we arrived in the USA. We called before leaving home to find out when the grocery store would be open until, but unfortunately when we arrived at our destinaton it was closed. They must have closed early, those silly small town-ers. Good thing we ate supper already. We went to a restaurant for a late night snack and the best we could do there is fries and onion rings. Not so healthy. The rest of the menu was meat, meat, more meat, and a lotta cheese… Even the salad options looked pretty sad.

The next day the grocery store was quite a disappointment too. Most of the veggie soups contained chicken or beef broth. We managed to escape the store with some slim pickings but they were fine. Kashi cereal, soy milk, tomato soup, Instant brown & wild rice (just throw in the microwave), oranges, baby carrots, almonds…

Lesson learned, bring more canned and packaged stuff next time!

On an unrelated note, I finally decided to create this blog!! Keep checking back, and take a look at my Resources page. Enjoy!! 🙂